Narrative Director
2014 - Present

Just doin' what I do.

Narrative Director, Lead Writer
2012 - 2014

As a core creative in both development and publishing, I was tasked with crafting and leading the creative and narrative visions across several different projects and intellectual properties. I was involved in all aspects of the narrative process, from writing, to designing, to casting, to voice, performance, and motion capture direction. At 2K, I worked across entire teams to ship multiple projects, helping to create new IPs and support existing properties. I was able to leverage my broad skills to lead the narrative departments on the development side as well as support third party development teams as a publishing partner. 


Principle Narrative Designer, Lead Writer
2009 - 2012

At Big Huge Games, I was the main creative force for the story and narrative gameplay. I lead a team of writers and narrative designers to implement missions and narrative gameplay for the high-fantasy open-world story of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. My experience with open worlds and non-linear narratives allowed me to develop and expand the IP, helping to support the efforts of our sister studio and expand the world for future titles in the Amalur setting.


Writer, Designer
2005 - 2009 

At Bethesda, I was a cross-disciplinary designer, focused on writing and narrative gameplay design. I worked with the custom tools and scripting language to write tens of thousands of lines of dialog and create hundreds of hours of gameplay for Fallout 3, OblivionSkyrim, and downloadable content in support of those titles. Working in the massive games that Bethesda produces are an invaluable learning experience as a creative designer. My experience at Bethesda is what made formed me in to a hands-on designer, something that carries through in my work and leadership style to this day.

Writer, Designer
2004 - 2005

With this The Matrix Online, we turned the world of The Matrix into a living, breathing, interactive game space with a mountain of content generated using scripting and in-house tools. Over a period of a year, I wrote and scripted over five hundred missions in the game, wrote and maintained the story bible, and dove in to systems and level design. Monolith was a great place to explore a wide variety of creative ownerships.

Level Designer
2001 - 2003

Designed, created, and implemented 3D game environments for downloadable action titles. Also responsible for tracking and adhering to design documentation for coherency in play and project vision.